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Does Fluid object type subdivisions impact resolution?

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Hi there.


Does using a subdivided mesh for fluid impact resolution? I created the fluid object by extruding from a ground plane for best results. Does it matter whether the mesh is subdivided in edit mode or not? 

The results seem to be higher detailed with a fluid mesh that has been subdiv'd. Note that this isn't a subd modifier, just regular loop cuts on a cube. Thanks!

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Hi! Adding subdivisions or loop cuts to a FLIP Fluid/Inflow/Outflow/Obstacle/ForceField object by either edit mode or modifiers will not affect the resolution of the simulation. The only setting that will affect the resolution of the simulation grid is the Domain > Resolution value (related topic: what is the simulation grid?).

Unless the increased amount of geometry changes the shape of the object, this should not affect the results of the simulation.

Hope this info helps! Let us know if you have any questions or if I had misunderstood the issue.