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Animated Fluid Mesh

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to mention that I bought this plugin recently so there's a huge chance that it's really easy and I'm just dumb. So, I'd like to "take water" in a form of displaced droplet from electric kettle and move it along curve path OR animate mesh to other position (I'm happy with any way that will take fluid from point A to point B). The closest result I had was with a force applied on a curve as fluid surface was nicely animated and it followed the right direction however, even when mesh was set to fluid not inflow, the source seemed to be infinite instead of amount that's inside a mesh only. Can anyone help me with the settings to achieve moving droplet animation? 

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Hi! There are very different approaches.
First of all, we definitely recommend watching the Complete Guide videos.
There we also explain, for example, how to "switch off" inflows (by animating the enabled checkbox with keyframes), or how force fields work.
If you're stuck, we'd also take a look at your .blend file.