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Fluid vs Fluid (sim over sim as obstacle)

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I was not entirely sure it would be "doable", but decided to try.

Since most fluid sims don't do thick foam was trying to set up a basic sim for a beer pouring for fluid, bubbles and a bit of foam, exporting all that as Alembic and reusing the fluid as obstacle for another sim.That last part is hard, very hard, need a bit more viscosity but need it to conform to obstacle (first fluid) and at the same time have a submerged inflow. Controlling submerged inflows is a PITA.

Not 100% but close to 90 , think I'll settle for that, just need to fake the last bit as I want foam to rise a bit over the top of glass. Everything is in Allembic, will try proportional editing or something like that for that part,will need to test, any sugestions? I could probably displace it as well, not sure.


then will probably set up render with LuxCore but also been wanting to give Octane a go,both have nested dieletrics and will make it easier to set priorities of fluid over foam, so could probably get away expanding foam a bit.

will see and update this, will probably take a while:



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Extremely impressive.
If you have a rendered result, we'd love to see it here.