Customer Reel Guidelines

All you need to know

Some information

About the customer reel:

The best sent in animations

The Best Animations will be selected to be featured in our 2022 customer reel (max. 3 per participant!)

Post process

Our video editor will add sound effects to some videos, and cut them to the beat of the reel's soundtrack

Promotion for you

While your animation is featured, an overlay will display your name/alias. Links will be found in the video description


The final 2022 customer reel will be uploaded and linked to all of our channels where your artwork will reach thousands of viewers

Be a part of the FLIP Fluids addon Customer Reel 2022

Animation Guidelines:


Animation content must be Safe For Work - no blood, gore, violence, pornographic content, or company labels


Submissions: PLANNED TO BE IN 2022


Full-HD (1920x1080) or 4K (3840x2160) @30FPS


About 150-300 frames (5-10 seconds)


Only png/jpg - image sequences with consecutive numbering (packed as ZIP). No video files will be accepted. Sequences with missing frames will not be accepted (please double check)


Your imagesequence must include your artist name (that will be shown in the video overlay) + a short scenedescription. Example: dennis_slimescene_frame####.jpg

How to submit your animation

You will need to send this items in your email:

Artist information

Include your artist information so that you can be credited (see Your Artist Information)

Upload your animation

Upload your animation ZIP file to any online host and include the link (see Animation Guidelines)

Copy and include the following line to your email

"I consent to the full publication of my animation content as part of the FLIP Fluids 2022 Customer Reel project and consent that my animation content may be used in paid advertising of the FLIP Fluids addon."

Additional information

Include your answers to a questionnaire about your submission (See Submission Questionnaire)


Submissions can be sent to support[at]

Submission content

Some detailed information:

  • Artist Name: Your name, alias, or screen name
  • Links: These may be links to your portfolio, website, email, social media, etc. Due to limited space, we may not be able to add all of your links to the video description. Please list your links that you would like to be displayed in order of priority.
    • When submitting links, provide full complete addresses (not just @username for social media channels)
    • example

In your submission, also include the answers to the following short questions:

  1. What Render Engine did you use? (Eevee, Cycles, Octane, etc.)
  2. Did you render your animation on a render farm or a private workstation? (Render Farm or Private Workstation)
  3. If you used a Render Farm, what service did you use? (PolarGrid, RenderStreet, etc.)
Artist Information

Artist Name: Ryan Guy

1. Website:
2. Email:
3. Facebook:
4. Twitter:
5. Instagram:
6. YouTube:
Submission Questionnaire

1. Rendering: Cycles
2. Rendered on: Render farm
3. Render farm: PolarGrid

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, you will still own the rights of your submitted animations. We are not requesting exclusive rights to your submitted content. By submitting your content, you consent to the full publication of your content as part of the FLIP Fluids 2021 Customer Reel project and consent that your content may be used in paid advertising of the FLIP Fluids addon.

Yes, you can make up to three submissions.

You may also submit older animations that you have created, but our preference would be for newer creations that have not been publicly posted years ago. For past participants of the Customer Reel 2021, we will not accept re-submitted content and would take preference for something unique or different from what has been submitted before.

We cannot guarantee that your submission will make it into the final customer reel. Due to limited length, we will only be able to choose the best and highest quality submissions.

See this collection of some of the artwork we have seen shared on Twitter (use icon on the bottom of this page)

No, for highest quality, we are requiring that the animation is submitted as a JPEG or PNG sequence packed into a ZIP archive.

Yes, you can render your animation using a third-party renderer or software outside of Blender. We only require that your simulation is created using the FLIP Fluids addon.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss a qualifying submission, please send a message to support[at] 🙂

By participating, you consent to the full publication of your content as part of this project and consent that your content may be used in paid advertising of the FLIP Fluids addon. Submission deadline ends around Nov2022 (Date TBA).