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Type in your artist- or company name. Just as you would like it to be seen in public. Leave blank if there is none
What is the title of your animation? Also ensure that the name is used in your image-sequence-filenaming. Use a comma when sending multiple animations
Please read our rules carefully - you will find them here: Guidelines
This is not a requirement for participation in the Customer Reel. Anyone who answers NO will not be treated unfavorably
These may be links to your portfolio, website, email, social media, etc. Due to limited space, we will not publish these links in the video. Instead, your information will be on the appropriate reel page
Share some information about your system, renderer, renderfarm - if you would like to
Add your file links here. Make sure we have access to it using "support[AT]flipfluids[.]com"
For example, if you use googledrive, make sure that we get access with our email address "support[AT]flipfluids[.]com"
Your real name
We require a contact email address so that we can get back to you if we have any questions. This address will not be published (unless it has been added to your list of links for interested visitors)