The two charts are based on the latest benchmarks from November 2023. While one chart shows the average performance score of various systems in direct comparison, the other shows a “normalized” version of the same benchmark scenes. In this, all graphics were scaled vertically to the same level, without losing the performance difference.

You can find the benchmark form and downloads further down on this page.

Welcome to our Benchmark Form

We kindly ask each participant to run the scene files without any modifications.

Please check your energy settings for maximum performance before baking. In some cases, PCs may start with an energy-saving setting, which can significantly reduce the performance of the simulation.

In some cases the performace can decrease when Blender runs in the background. Please use the CMD Baking Operator in the FLIP Fluids sidebar to prevent this. 

We also ask you to use the following tools to read your system information and to transfer the values directly from there:

• Windows: CPU-Z
• Linux: CPU-X

Once we have gathered sufficient information, we will publish a link.

Thank you for your participation!

Please understand that in the result graph, only systems that have completed all benchmark scenes can be entered. This way we can create the best overview for you.

On some systems, the energy settings are not set to the maximum performance by default. Please set them to maximum for this benchmark.

On some systems, simulation performance can drop drastically when Blender is running in the background. Please use the CMD Baking Operator to prevent this.

Tell us what scene where used.

You will find this information in the Stats panel while the domainbox is selected: AVERAGE PERFORMANCE SCORE

What CPU was used (i.e. Intel i9-12900K // AMD Ryzen 9 3950X // Apple M1 ...). When using overclocking type in "@6GHz" as example

Tell us what type of RAM is installed, and how fast it is (i.e. DDR5, 64 GBytes, 1995.1 MHz). Take the information as it is from CPU-Z

What operating system did you use for this benchmark (i.e. Win11pro, Linux Ubuntu, macOS Ventura...)

Please type in what version of Blender you are using. You will find this information in the splashscreen of Blender

Please type in what version of our FLIP Fluids Addon you are using (i.e. 1.7.1). You will find this information in the addons-panel