version 1.7.5 (Mar 12 2024) FLIP Fluids 1.7.5 is an update to add official support for Blender 4.1 as well as small features, bug fixes, and improvements. Video Overview: Compatibility Notes: FLIP Fluids 1.7.5 is officially version 1.7.4 (Jan 22 2024) FLIP Fluids 1.7.4 is a small update to mainly add bug fixes and improvements to the command line tools. Compatibility Notes: FLIP Fluids 1.7.4 is officially supported in Blender 2.80 to 🎥 In our latest Development Update Video, we share exciting insights into the progress of the FLIP Fluids Addon throughout 2022-2023. We discuss not only the recent improvements and updates to the Addon but also cautiously