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FLIP Fluids Addon v1.7.0

version 1.7.0 (Jun 27 2023)

  • FLIP Fluids 1.7.0 adds official compatibility support for Blender 3.6 LTS, bug fixes, and UI improvements.
  • Compatibility Notes:
    • FLIP Fluids 1.7.0 is officially supported in Blender 2.80 to Blender 3.6.
    • Blender 4.0: At this moment there are no known compatibility issues between this version of the FLIP Fluids addon and the latest daily build of Blender 4.0, but this may change as Blender 4.0 develops.
  • Added: Simulation time scale can now be set to a custom value or to match the time scale of another Blender simulation system (Rigid body, soft body, cloth, Mantaflow fluid). Useful to ensure that keyframed time scales are consistent between different simulation types. Documentation.
  • Added: A FLIP Fluids Sidebar > Measure Object Speed Tool to measure the speed of an object within the simulation. Ensuring a realistic movement speed for an object can be important for realism and predictable results for your effect. The measured speed of an object depends on the object animation, simulation world scale, time scale, and frame rate.
  • Added: An optional alternative Tabbed View Mode for displaying the domain simulation settings. This view mode can be enabled in the FLIP Fluids Preferences Menu > UI Options.
    • The default view lists all of the settings in a vertical stack of panel categories. The tabbed view displays a single panel category at a time and the panel to display can be selected in the tab selection.
    • If you are new to the FLIP Fluids addon, we recommend the default view as this will match the UI more closely in many of the tutorials you may view.
    • The tabbed view is a good choice if you are familiar with the FLIP Fluids addon domain settings and can be quicker to navigate to different settings categories. The tabbed mode can help reduce the amount of scrolling when searching for a setting.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where grid visualization bounds may not be drawn in the grid display was disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed warning messages related to soon-to-be-deprecated drawing features in Blender 3.6 and 4.0.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected changed documentation links within the FLIP Fluids Preferences menu.
  • Bug Fix: Various warnings/errors in Blender 3.6 and 4.0.
  • UI: Domain UI settings have been updated for improved consistency between panel categories. Most settings sub-menus can now be collapsed to reduce visual clutter. Some collapsed categories will display an important setting or summary of settings.
  • Improvements: Improved stability of pressure solver to minimize solver failures for larger simulations (~100M+ particle simulations).
  • New Video: Updated Slow Motion Sphere Tutorial – A remake of the Slow Motion sphere tutorial! There have been a lot of changes in both the FLIP Fluids addon and Blender since the original tutorial was created 5 years ago. This tutorial will show you a new and interesting method of creating this effect using the latest features.