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How to get started (Blender 3.6+)

Dive into the world of 3D fluid simulations with our comprehensive tutorial video on the FLIP Fluids Addon, now updated for Blender 3.6+ and FLIP Fluids 1.7.0+.
This guide is mainly designed for newcomers, providing a clear and accessible entry point to this exciting field. However, existing users may also find a few valuable tips along the way.

In this video, we focus exclusively on the installation and operation of the FLIP Fluids Addon, bypassing general Blender operations to deliver concise, targeted content.

You’ll learn about:
• Installing the FLIP Fluids Addon 1.7.x in Blender 3.6x
• Navigating the Addon’s interface
• Understanding the basics and key settings of FLIP Fluids What are your next steps?
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