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FLIP Fluids Development Notes #26

Weekly Development Notes #26 – Blender Market Donation Drive and Vacation Notice

Covering the week of June 29th – July 3rd, 2020.

Hello and welcome to our 26th development update for the FLIP Fluids liquid simulation addon for Blender! Last week we released our first experimental release of our in-progress force field features and development mainly involved updating documentation and maintaining the experimental release.

In this post I’ll cover the Blender Market fundraiser, as well as my (Ryan) notice of a well needed vacation break.

Blender Market Donation Drive

Starting today the Blender Market begins it’s July Donation Drive. The During July 6th to 31st, the Blender Market is encouraging creators to donate 10% or more of their revenue to the Blender Development Fund.

The development fund helps Blender hire new developers and designers who improve and maintain the wonderful Blender software. This is something that we Blender users all benefit from.

We have been so happy with how generous Blender has been as well as the Blender community who has helped us grow our software. During the rest of July, the FLIP Fluids team has committed to donate 60% of our add-on revenue. That’s $42 USD for each sale that will go towards the Blender development fund!

Ryan’s Vacation Notice

This is Ryan here letting you know that I will be taking a well needed Summer Vacation away from development starting today (July 6th). Regular development and daily support will resume on July 27th.

I will still be local to my office and will still check in and handle support requests, but I may limit this to one or two days each week.

It has been a busy past few months which a high workload, and to be honest, I have lately been feeling the effects of burnout and stress that has been affecting my productivity. I love our FLIP Fluids project, but this is a break that I will need to recharge. I will return to regular development on July 27th with new energy! The next development update will be during the following week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

More Development Notes

  • Replaced model in point_force_dragon.blend example scene – We were notified that the open source dragon model we originally used was a cultural symbol, and deforming it through fluid simulation could be seen as disrespectful. We apologize for this mistake and have replaced the model with a rhino statue.
  • Fixed incorrect setting in volume_force_animated_character.blend example scene – Gravity should be set to zero for most of the simulation, but there was an incorrect keyframe setting gravity to -9.81. This caused fluid to fall down instead of follow the character.
  • Tuned internal settings for the Volume Force Object for improved UX
  • Added missing documentation links to UI – Our feature which displays relevant documentation links inline with the UI can be enabled in the add-on preferences
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if a surface/volume force contained all vertices outside of the domain
  • Fixed error where source code was not distributed with experimental build – It’s not a legal requirement, but distributing the source with the addon means we don’t need to spend time fulfilling source code requests. We turn off source code distribution in internal development to reduce file size and speed up copying files.
  • Edited force field documentation topics
  • Added these changes to the latest force field experimental build (v9.0.9.01)