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Weekly Development Notes #46 – FLIP Fluids 1.0.9a maintenance update

Ryan Guy 3. February 2021 0 Comments

Covering the week of January 25th – 29th, 2021.

Thanks for checking out our 46th update for the FLIP Fluids liquid simulation addon for Blender! Last week’s development mainly involved testing the FLIP Fluids 1.0.9a release candidate, some development of the in-progress turbulence force field, as well as experimenting with a simulation feature idea (more on that another time).

FLIP Fluids 1.0.9a

As mentioned in last week’s update, we’re releasing a new stable version today as maintenance update to add some small improvements and bug fixes reported since the last release.

Release Notes: FLIP Fluids 1.0.9a (03-FEB-2021)

  • FLIP Fluids version 1.0.9a is a maintenance update to add small improvements and bug fixes reported since the last stable release.
  • MacOS Compatibility notes:
    • Due to a bug in Blender versions 2.80, 2.81, and 2.82, it will no longer be possible for us to support MacOS in these three versions. The FLIP Fluids addon on MacOS will still be supported in Blender 2.79, 2.83+, and 2.9+.
  • Blender 2.92 Alpha support: as of January 5th 2021, the daily Blender builds now support the FLIP Fluids addon. In earlier 2.92 builds, a Python feature that the addon uses was missing.
    • Support may break as Blender 2.92 develops and issues can be tracked here: Issue #507.
  • Added three new example scenes by popular request (Animation previewsExample Scene Descriptions).
  • Added a filesystem protection layer to enforce that all file removal operations are functioning correctly, reducing bugs related to human/development error (Documentation).
  • Added a workaround into the addon for a long-standing Blender bug (T71908) which causes keyframed render settings on the fluid meshes not to be evaluated during render. This workaround fixes:
    • Issues where keyframed settings in the FLIP Fluid Display Settings panel would not take effect during render.
    • Issues where the FLIP Fluids Helper > Override Frame Playback feature would not function during render.
    • Issues where an Ocean Modifier attached to the fluid meshes would not be animated during render.
  • Bug Fix: Addon will no longer allow the FLIP Fluid current cache directory to be set as blank and will be set as a reasonable default value.
  • Bug Fix: FLIP Fluids Helper menu command line tool operators displayed incorrectly on MacOS and Linux (issue #505).
  • Bug Fix: FLIP Fluids Helper menu command line tool Copy to Clipboard operators were not functioning on MacOS and Linux (issue #505).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed potential Out of Memory error that could be triggered if a force field object is located outside of the domain.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed potential issue where the FLIP Fluid surface or whitewater object could lose it’s material after reseting a bake.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where inflow particles could be seeded in an unnatural pattern (issue #509).
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect frame used in the simulation for the inflow/fluid object speed value if this value was keyframe animated.
  • Bug Fix: Potential crash if a curve guided force field had endcaps disabled while enabling a minimum distance for the force field.
  • Bug Fix: Issue where exporting an animated curve guided force field could trigger a ‘Changing Topology Warning’. Note: it is okay for all current force fields to change topology.
  • Bug Fix: Issue where Remove Particles With Extreme Velocities could generate false-positives for a viscous fluid falling under regular gravity.
  • Bug Fix: Issue where keyframed quaternion or axis-angle rotation was not supported (issue #515).
  • Bug Fix: Issue where the baked debug tools (particle/obstacle/forcefield) would not be updated correctly if the simulation Time Scale value was set to 0.0.
  • Bug Fix: Potential error messages caused by the addon detecting Blender 2.9x versions incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Issue where a combination of high resolution and small world scaling could result in the surface preview mesh not generating.
  • New Documentation: Crash Protection Features.
  • New Documentation: Closing Blender while a simulation is running.
  • New Documentation: Addon Installation Troubleshooting.
    • How to verify your FLIP Fluids installation file.
    • How to locate your Blender addons directory.
    • How to verify your FLIP Fluids Blender installation.
    • How to clean up your Blender addons directory in the case of an incorrect installation.
    • How to manually install the FLIP Fluids addon.
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