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FLIP Fluids Development Notes #51

Weekly Development Notes #51 – Experimental Version Testing

Ryan Guy 17. March 2021 0 Comments

Covering the week of March 8th – 12th, 2021.

Welcome to our 51st development update for the FLIP Fluids liquid simulation addon for Blender! Last week’s work mostly involved testing the latest experimental version to prepare the addon to be as stable as possible for the next stable release, set during the week of April 5th. Thanks for helping us test the addon and for all of the issues you have reported!

Simple Whitewater Stream

Just a simple inflow stream and a few minutes of simulation time at a low resolution of 100 is enough to show the satisfying and swirly motion of bubbles underwater!

[gfycat data_id="thickunevencoypu"]

Particles were shaded using an emission node with varied colour based upon the particle’s position on the Y axis. Here’s a top-down view of the domain:

Colour ramp emission shader

Force Field Experimental Version

Want to try out the latest updates and fixes? They can be tested in our Force Field Experimental Builds Package in the latest version!

Note: A large focus and goal of these experimental releases is still to add changes that complement and accommodate for more force field features, but there are also developments that benefit other areas of the simulator as well. Many of the changes, fixes, and additions to the experimental versions are becoming less related to the Force Fields feature set. We’ll soon be renaming them and updating our documentation to just call these Experimental Versions and Experimental Builds Packages to avoid confusion.

Release Notes v9.0.9.17 (17-MAR-2021)

  • This version is a minor release containing only stable bug fixes and improvements as we get ready for the next stable release, version 1.0.9b, set during the week of April 5th. Thanks for all of your testing and reports!
  • Blender 2.93 Alpha support: As of the March 11th daily build, there are no know compatibility issues between the FLIP Fluids addon and Blender 2.93. Issues related to Blender 2.93 compatibility can be reported and tracked in issue #519.
  • Bug Fix: Error message when using command line batch baking operator if render output directory does not exist ont he filesystem.
  • Bug Fix: UI issue where domain FLIP operator displayed the hide/show viewport/render icons in reverse order compared to regular Blender convention.
  • Bug Fix: Bug where using the inflow Constrain Inflow Velocity option could cause a bulge to form in the lower x/y/z corner of the domain.
  • Bug Fix: ValueError that could be triggered upon creating a domain if the .blend file was located on a different drive than the Blender installation.
  • Bug Fix: Potential issue where instanced particle objects could have Motion Blur enabled, causing longer render times in Blender 2.91+ (related to similar fix in v9.0.9.16).
  • Fixed: Bug where using the FLIP Fluids Helper > Solid/Wireframe operator would deselect Fluid/Inflow/Outflow objects after execution.
  • Changed: The FLIP Fluids Helper > Solid/Wireframe operators no longer change the render visibility of the objects. This functionality has been split into a separate row of Show/Hide Render operators that sets the render visibility of all selected objects.