Weekly Development Notes #53 – New stable version next week!

Covering the week of March 22nd – 26th, 2021.

Thanks for checkout out our 53rd development update for the FLIP Fluids liquid simulation addon for Blender! Last week was more testing and minor fixes. Just a tiny update today (and two days earlier than normal) as we’ll be quite busy this week getting ready for the next stable release of the FLIP Fluids addon, version 1.0.9b, on April 6th, 2021.

Experimental Version

Want to try out the latest updates and fixes? They can be tested in our Experimental Builds Package in the latest version!

Release Notes v9.0.9.18 (31-mar-2021)

  • This version is a minor release containing only stable bug fixes and contains almost every change that will be included in the next stable release, FLIP Fluids 1.0.9b (April 6 2021).
  • Bug Fix: ‘TypeError’ that could be triggered in Blender 2.93 by pressing the F3 operator search key.
  • Bug Fix: Removed deprecated cache operators (Copy/Move/Rename) from being searchable and executable in the F3 operator search menu.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed UI issue where bake information would not be updated when using the Reset operator if the current cache directory did not exist.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed missing icon errors in Blender 2.79 due to icon renaming in Blender 2.8+.
  • Example Scene Fix: Fixed volume_force_animated_character.blend example scene issue where the fluid objects would be emitted in the wrong direction. Corrected in the example scenes file as of March 25, 2021.